Fastscapelib Documentation#

Fastscapelib is a C++/Python library of efficient and reusable algorithms for landscape evolution modeling. It aims at providing a (bare bones) toolkit for building your own Landscape Evolution Models (LEMs) or integrating it with other existing codes or models.

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Getting Started

New to Fastscapelib? Check the guide on how to install the library and get started with a few examples.

User Guide

The user guide provides in-depth information on the key concepts used in Fastscapelib.

API Reference

The reference guide describes in detail all the functions and classes that are part of Fastscapelib’s public API.

Developer Guide

The developer guide is for anyone who would like to customize, reuse or contribute improving the Fastscapelib library!

Citing Fastscapelib#

How to cite Fastscapelib?


This project is supported by the Earth Surface Process Modelling group of the GFZ Helmholtz Centre Potsdam.